What’s Unique About Matthew’s Gospel Series?

Today we embark on a series called’ “What Unique About Matthew’s Gospel?” This series will take us through Easter 2017. It will be a great series for helping us all understand more about who Jesus is and what he came to accomplish.

Pastor Chadd recommends a Bible study by Peter Bolt and Paul Barnett for personal or small group use. It is called: ‘Matthew: A Great Light Dawns’ (2014: Aquila Press). It is available in Koorong or can be ordered from CEP.


Discipleship is our strategic focus for 2017
Matthew’s gospel contains Jesus’ Great Commission’ to make disciples of all people. At our most recent EWC meeting, CP10’s leaders affirmed that making disciples for Jesus should be our congregational focus for 2017, and beyond. Pastor Chadd and our church leaders will be explaining this more in the coming months. Chadd is also producing some Bible studies on discipleship based on Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount’ (for personal or group use).

Bible study: Wisdom of the Old Testament

Old Testament Wisdom Books Overview

Many people would be aware that the Bible is divided into two major sections: The Old Testament and The New Testament. However, fewer would be aware that the Bible also contains further sub-divisions. The New Testament can be subdivided into at least four sections: The Gospels; Acts; The Apostolic Letters and Revelation. The Old Testament can also be subdivided into at least four smaller units including: The Five Books of Moses; The Historical Books; The Writings/Wisdom Literature and The Prophets. There are more subdivisions we could explore as well. But the purpose of this short Bible study series is to focus on three books from the Writings or Wisdom Literature: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job. These books offer three unique perspectives on pursuing a godly understanding of life in this fallen world.

Ultimately true wisdom is found in following Christ. As an obedient son, Jesus did everything that his Heavenly Father asked of him. However, doing so didn’t bring Jesus worldly wealth, fame and prosperity, but instead humiliation, suffering and death. As Christ’s followers we need to count the costs of following Jesus and keep our eyes fixed on his heavenly reward. This is true wisdom.

Click to download the printouts for the wisdom books bible studies:

Study Bible reference Resources
Overview NA Wisdom 1 – OT Wisdom Books Overview
1 Proverbs 1:1-33 Wisdom 2 – Proverbs one 1 & Sermon
2  Ecclesiastes 1 Wisdom 3 – Ecclesiastes study & Sermon
3 Job 1 Wisdom 4 – A lesson in real-life wisdom from Job & Sermon

John’s ‘Water’ Gospel

John study sevenJohn study sixWater gospel header


This Bible study series is called, ‘John’s Water Gospel’ because of John’s frequent use of water symbolism, (such as baptism, water being turned into wine, water that heals and gives eternal life, the washing of feet, and water flowing from Jesus’ pierced side). John concludes his gospel by saying that he recorded these things ‘so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.’ (John 20:31) Therefore, what can John’s frequent use of water symbolism teach us about the good news of Jesus Christ?

Study Bible reference Resources
Overview NA John overview 
1 John 1 John study 1 & sermon
2 John 2 John study 2 & sermon
3   John 3  John study 3 & sermon
4  John 4 John study 4 & sermon
5 John 13  John study five
6  John 19 John study six
7 John 20   John study seven

SALT forums – Christ and culture


This Winter we will have a new and exciting set of seminars called SALT, that will run for 4 Wednesday nights in August instead of our usual small group meetings. SALT sessions will be a Q&A panel discussion format where different topics related to Christ and popular culture will be examined and you will be able to ask questions of the panel.


  • Aug 6: Talking about world news
  • Aug 13: Talking about TV and movies
  • Aug 20: Talking about local news
  • Aug 27: Talking about asylum seekers

Coming this August; Wednesday nights at 7:30pm at church.

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?

Acts series


Starting this week, CroydonPark@10 will start a exciting new sermon series on the Book of Acts!

In Luke’s introduction, he states,

In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach until the day he was taken up to heaven” (Acts 1:1 – 2).

Acts picks up during the forty-day period between Christ’s resurrection and ascension into heaven. Luke tells us that during this time Jesus continued to teach his disciples about the kingdom of God, the coming of the Holy Spirit, and the necessity to spread the gospel throughout the world. (Acts 1:3 – 7)

Studying Acts will help us to gain a better understanding and appreciation for how the Christian church was established and how the gospel of Jesus Christ was spread throughout the world. But Acts is not just a history book, but also the word of God. Therefore, Acts is there to teach and inspire us to continue Christ’s mission to keep making disciples and spreading his good news of salvation until Jesus returns.


Study Bible reference Resources
Overview NA Acts study summary
1 Acts 1:1-11 Acts study 1, sermon
2 Acts 2:1-21 Acts study 2, sermon
3 ACTS 2:42-47 Acts study 3, sermon
4 ACTS 4:32-5:11 Acts study 4, sermon
5  Acts 6:1-7 Acts study 5, sermon
6 Acts 6:8-15 and 7:51-8:8 Acts study 6, sermon
7 Acts 9:1-22 Acts study 7, sermon
8  Acts 10 Acts study 8, sermon
9  Acts 11:19-30 Acts study 9, sermon
10  Acts 15:1-35 Acts study 10, sermon
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